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Nick's Notes

Nick's Notes

The thinking game

Soccer is a thinking sport. Every kick of the ball, every movement, every decision should be accompanied with a thought. Federations and leagues across the world are trying to find creative ways to implement decision-making exercises at the youngest ages for aspiring soccer players, because they know that the brain can be trained much earlier and more effectively than the muscle-skeletal system (especially pre-puberty).

If you turn on the television and happen to watch an FC Barcelona match, you’ll recognize some traits that are specific to that institution: - they never panic under pressure - every player is in constant motion - the ball is rarely in the air. The reason this club is different to most others is that from the earliest ages, their athletes are inculcated with the notion that soccer is collective and highly cerebral. 

The reason this is pertinent is that as we enter our Recreational season, it’s paramount that players enjoy themselves every single time they step on to a field, and one of the ways to do that is by relishing the layered challenges within soccer. Decisions have to be made in split seconds, and every single decision should be taken with a thought. 

Nick Perera 
Director of Coaching - San Marcos Revolution

Cal South TOPSoccer

By Jacob Sada 04/06/2018, 12:45pm PDT

TopSoccer is soccer designed to provide opportunities for special needs children who refuse to let their challenges stop them.